Skimmed Milk Powder

Verka Skimmed Milk Powder (Standard Grade-Spray Dried) is prepared from fresh pasteurized and standardized milk by spray drying process. 


Product Features:  Verka Skimmed Milk Powder (Spray Dried) ensures health, provides essential vitamins and energy along with a smooth taste. No preservatives and chemicals are added during its manufacturing process. Dissolving 94g of this milk powder in 940 ml of water can make one litre of skimmed milk. Spray dried Milk powder retains the goodness of milk. Verka SMP spray dried powder meets the requisite FSSAI standards

Packing:  Polyfilm pack of 500g, 1 kg*
                      * In selected market only.

Product specifications: Skimmed Milk Solid

Product Application: Direct consumption, Tea, Coffee, Khoa, Dahi, Gulab Jamun, Rasgulla, Ice Cream, Puddings etc.


Nutritional Information Per 100 gm*
Energy Value (kcal) 359
Total Fat (g) 1.5
Saturated fat (g) 0.96
Trans Fat (g) 0
Cholesterol (mg) 3.6
Total carbohydrate (g) 52.3
Added Sugar(g) 0
Protein (g) 34
Minerals (g) 8.2

                                                                                                                                                                 * Approx. Value 

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