India welcomes its auspicious festivals and occasions with sweets. Whether it is related to buying a new car, getting married, birth of a child or any occasion which calls for celebration, sharing sweets is a tradition and a sign of expressing love and gratitude. Verka brings a wide range of delicious and mouth watering sweets with the promise of purity and freshness.

A popular Indian snack-time desert and a must have for all occasions!

The crunch in each bite makes it a perfect choice for any festivity!

Relish your taste buds with Verka Ground Nut Gajak!

Enjoy the rich, crumbly bites made of jaggery!

A zestful sweet with the fusion of mah dal, khoya and nuts!

A taste that’s perfect to celebrate an occasion and a reason to reach out for more!

A Traditional Indian Flaky Sweet with the goodness of Desi Ghee!

Verka Peda will remind you of your childhood winter holidays spent at home!

Verka Panjiri is one of the best traditional confinement foods for new mums!

Kaju barfi with taste of royalty and goodness of cashews and Verka milk!

Traditional and festive sweet from Punjab made with milk, sugar, and nuts!

A delectable sweet that tastes as good as it looks!

A delectable sweet that tastes as good as it looks!

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